Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Charge of the Lie Brigade!

The most important story surrounding unfolding events in the Ukraine is not the violent overthrow of the freely-elected Ukrainian government. It is not the American participation in that overthrow or the Russian reaction to it. No, the big story is much more ominous. The big story is that all major U.S. politicians, regardless of party, and all "news" media outlets, electronic and print, are deliberately lying to the American people about this event. How can this be?

Euripides is often wrongly credited with saying, "Those whom the Gods wish to destroy they first make mad!" Psychosis has been described as a mental state involving a "loss of contact with reality". That perfectly describes the Washington establishment's demonstrated state of mind with regard to events in the Ukraine. Both the "Democrat" (socialist) wing and the "Republican" (neo-Fascist) wing of the U.S. political apparatus and their respective propaganda arms are frantically hammering out the same fantastic and  utterly false version of events in the Ukraine. 

The effort to paint Russia as the aggressor and Putin as an incipient Hitler has reached a fever pitch.  Unfortunately for the U.S. and its allies, the facts on the ground are simple, indisputable, and well known to all credible observers. The Ukraine rejected a proposed trade agreement with the European Union in favor of a competing (and superior) agreement with Russia. In retaliation, the United States organized, funded, and directed the overthrow of the freely-elected government of Viktor Yanukovich and stood up an unconstitutional and completely illegal "government" in its place, killing dozens of people in the process. That Mr. Yanukovich is corrupt may well be true. Whether he is any more corrupt than the gang of professional thieves and liars that infests the halls of power in Washington is at least arguable.

In any case, Washington's Putsch employed a mix of anti-Russian Ukranian ultra-nationalists (the "Right Sector"), local neo-Nazis (Svoboda), CIA operatives, American Blackwater/Xe/Academi mercenaries, and NGO staffers from the National Endowment for Democracy (including the despicable Senator John McCain's "International Republican Institute") as boots on the ground to get the job done. The bottom line: it is the government of the United States that is and has been interfering in the internal affairs of the Ukraine and it is the government of the United States that bears direct responsibility for igniting the current "crisis".

The importance of what is happening goes beyond events in the Ukraine and should send a chill of apprehension down the spines of all who love liberty. Two aspects in particular should capture the attention of the observer:
  1. The absolute unanimity on the "official" and totally false narrative that is being drummed incessantly into the public consciousness. Despite the "Left" vs, "Right" division that supposedly defines the American political landscape, news outlets from Fox News to CNN to MSNBC to the old line broadcast networks and print media organs from the Washington Times and the editorial pages of The Wall Street Journal to The Washington Post and The New York Times are frantically pushing the same false "Russian aggression" line in lock step.
  2. The transparent and blatant falseness of the narrative. Why persist in this obvious lie when anyone who pays the slightest attention to current events knows that the "official narrative" is false? The casual display of contemptuous arrogance is stunning.
The answer is simple. The West's Welfare/Warfare states are collapsing before our eyes. The establishment is losing its grip on power and filled with fear. A serious new diversion is required to maintain power. The prospect of World War looms, a war that will serve as justification for the totalitarian dictatorship which is but a pen stroke away. The structural groundwork has long since been laid. All that is required is a suitable ignition point.

We must be prepared.


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