The Department of Justice has gone so far as to establish an official e-mail address for the public's use in providing "tips" to aid in that effort (

It amounts to this: Barack Hussein Obama and Eric Holder are now bringing the entire weight and power of the Federal Government to bear against a man who has been acquitted of all criminal charges by a jury of his peers in a fair trial. Moreover, the FBI's own investigation conducted last year found absolutely no evidence of racial bias on Zimmerman's part after agents interviewed 45 of his co-workers, neighbors and other acquaintances, even including his former fiancĂ©.

In today's emotion-charged environment, the Justice Department's outrageous act serves to subvert the legal process and confirm in the minds of the deliberately misinformed and "low information" segment of the public that the Zimmerman trial's unanimous jury verdict was unjust. This amounts to a dangerous and completely irresponsible incitement to riot. Obama and Holder are deliberately trying to supplant the rule of law with the demands of an angry and ill-informed lynch mob, a lynch mob that they and their allies created and are now deliberately inciting.