Thursday, April 5, 2018

Invasion: Death of a Nation!

They Are Here! More Are Coming! Are You Ready?
The Father of All Lies is a Master Magician. As CS Lewis once wrote, “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he doesn't exist.”

To appreciate the magnitude of what we are facing, it is necessary to understand the difference between a state and a nation. The definitions of these two words have been deliberately conflated over the course of decades. Generations of Americans have been taught that state and nation mean the same thing. They do not. Failure to understand the distinction is the root cause of many problems.
state is a self-governing political entity. 
nation is a tightly-knit group of people that share a common culture.
The Master Magician's misdirection has been highly successful. Globalists have deceived the American people into believing that the political state (the United States) was under attack when, in fact, they have been using the political state to overtly attack the American nation's culture. 

The Globalists are intent on achieving the total destruction of all nations, correctly seeing them as competitors for people's loyalty. When they achieve the effective destruction of nations in a region, they move to consolidate their power by establishing a "super state". The European Union serves as their structural template, the next step toward the establishment of a One World Government under Globalist control.

The American nation is next on the block. Its culture is under attack on all fronts and virtually every attack has either been initiated or directly supported by the Washington establishment. Those attacks include promotion of "gay marriage" and "gay rights" (direct assaults on the nation's family structure and traditional morality), efforts to impose "gun control" (an assault on the nation's tradition of self reliance), and enactment of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act ("Obamacare") and the so-called USA Patriot Act (assaults on the nation's tradition of limited constitutional government).

The Globalist efforts to destroy America's national culture are not limited to the political and legal arenas. Media and educational establishments have engaged in decades-long propaganda and re-education campaigns extolling the virtues of "diversity" while demonizing positive references to the majority's national culture, including its Western European ethnic origins, as "racism". "Whiteness" is now a social crime. The current insane and ahistoric propaganda campaign against the Confederate Flag is another case in point. The Globalist goal is to remove public display of this flag, not because it is a "symbol of hate" (which it is not), but because it is a symbol of resistance to unlawful federal state power.

Today's post is about the lies surrounding the immigration debate.
  • The First Immigration Lie: Officially there are 11 million "undocumented immigrants" residing within the borders of the United States. Not only is this number false, it is laughable. Despite the virtual flood of illegals crossing our southern border every day, the officially-claimed number of "11 million" hasn't changed in more than 8 years. In fact the actual number of illegal aliens living in the US is known to be more than 26 million. Go here for additional well-documented and sourced information.
  • The Second Immigration Lie: The political establishment's official line is, "We cannot deport 11 million people". This mantra is deliberately misleading on two counts. In the first place, there are not 11 million illegal aliens, there are more than 26 million. In the second place, it isn't necessary to deport them. It is only necessary to establish control of our borders and stop subsidizing those who are here illegally. The problem will resolve quickly if we:
    • Fine any employer who knowingly employs an illegal alien.
    • Prosecute the use of false documents to enter the country or gain employment. 
    • Prosecute the use of a false social security account to gain employment.
    • Prohibit illegal aliens from having access to any benefits supported by federal or state taxes including Welfare, SNAP/Food Stamps, Social Security, Disability, Medicare, Medicaid, ADC, etc.
    • Deny illegal aliens admission to any tax supported college or university.
    • Make it a federal felony for any illegal alien to apply for or obtain a state driver's license.
    • Criminalize the designation of any municipality as a "Sanctuary City" for illegal aliens and prosecute any city official who violates this law.
    • The Third Immigration Lie: The national leaderships of both the Democrat and Republican Parties claim they want to stop illegal immigration. They are lying. Both national parties are pushing for "Immigration Reform with a Clear Path to Citizenship". That is establishment code for slow motion amnesty. The Democrat Party sees illegals as potential voters. The Republican Part is intent on fulfilling promises it made to large corporations who see illegal immigration is a source of cheap labor. Both parties are destroying the nation to gain short-term political advantage.
    • The Fourth Immigration Lie: "Illegal immigrants benefit the economy." This is by far the favorite establishment lie but it is false. Illegal immigrants do subsidize corporate profits by making it unnecessary for them to raise wages to a level that would result in the employment of Americans. Labor economists have concluded that undocumented workers have lowered the wages of U.S. adults without a high-school diploma — 25 million of them — by anywhere between 0.4 to 7.4 percent. The Federation for Immigration Reform estimates the annual costs of illegal immigration at the federal, state and local level to be about $113 billion; nearly $29 billion at the federal level and $84 billion at the state and local level. The study also estimates tax collections from illegal alien workers, both those in the above-ground economy and those in the underground economy. Those receipts do not come close to the level of expenditures and, in any case, are misleading as an offset because over time unemployed and underemployed U.S. workers would replace illegal alien workers.
    • The Fifth (and Most Dangerous) Immigration Lie: "We are a nation of immigrants". While it is true that the American nation was founded by European immigrants, American immigration policy was not driven by an infatuation with "diversity". Post-revolution immigration to the United States took place from in four great waves (1790 to 1820, 1820 to 1860, 1880 to 1914, and 1965 to present). These waves are definable by the nationalities of immigrants and their reasons for immigrating. Although the 1880 to 1914 wave did include immigrants from  China, Japan, and other Asian countries, until 1965 the majority of immigrants to the United States were of European origin. 
    From 1790 to 1964, America's immigration policy reflected an understanding of the need to preserve the nation's majority-based culture. Immigrants coming over prior to 1965 came seeking political freedom and economic opportunity. They wanted to be assimilated into the American culture and become "Americans". Then came Lyndon Johnson's 1964 "war on poverty" with its generous welfare state benefits and the nearly simultaneous enactment of The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, the 50th anniversary of which we "celebrate" this year. The old immigration quota system, based on national origin, was abolished and replaced with a new immigration policy based on political correctness and driven by a desire to provide access to taxpayer funded benefits. 

    The United States government's war on the American nation was underway.



    This is an edited reprint of an article originally published here in May 2015. This site is not affiliated with any political party. Its goals are to advocate for individual liberty, traditional morality, and domestic peace and to resist all forms of tyranny and statism. It reflects the point of view of a life-long constitutionalist and recovering Republican. If you are among the millions trying to understand what has happened to the GOP, please visit "Who Killed the Republican Party?" If you agree with the content of this post, please feel free to print and distribute it or forward the link to your political representatives at the state and federal level Thank you for your interest.  

    Thursday, March 29, 2018

    Parkland, We Have a Problem!

    Gun Control! Gun Control! Gun Control!
    Breaking News as of April 1, 2018: It has just been revealed that a permit for the Washington DC "March for Our Lives" demonstration, supposedly organized to protest the Parkland Florida school mass shootings, was requested months before the killings occurred! See this article which contains official confirmation from the Washington DC Police Department from The Washington Standard for details and circulate widely.

    On Valentine's Day, February 14, 2018, a mass murder occurred at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland Florida resulting in the shooting deaths of seventeen people. I am not a fan of the Left or of its "gun control" movement, an admission that will not be news to frequent readers of this page. With that bias fully disclosed, this post identifies problems within the tragedy's reported sequence of events.

    The event timeline shown below, except for the 9:32 a.m. and 2:52 p.m. entries, is taken from the SunSentinal newspaper in Parkland and the link to the paper's original article is here. Items that require further investigation, explanation, or that just do not make sense are in shown in red font. 

    9:32 a.m. The 9:32 time is taken from David Hogg's tape in which he claims to be videotaping an interview with fellow student, Alex View. The following exchange was recorded and we've provided a link to the video just below this excerpted dialogue:
    David Hogg: “This is Alex View. This recording is taken at 9:32 on February 14th 2018, Alex, are you ok with me recording this?”

    Alex View: “Yes, I am ok with you recording this. I personally have rallied for gun rights and less control, not necessarily less control but this experience has definitely changed my viewpoint.”
    Here's the link and this video's content is a huge problem for the "March for Our Lives" movementHogg's interview with Alex View begins at approximately the 0:57 second mark. Some have attempted to explain the apparent discrepancy between the 9:52 time Hogg provided on the video and the 2:21 p.m. start time of Cruz's killing spree by saying that perhaps the video was shot at 9:32 p.m. However, on February 14, 2018, sunset in Parkland Florida occurred at 6:13 p.m. By 9:52 p.m., it was completely dark. The video that is playing concurrent with Hogg's interview shows students and emergency responders walking around the campus in broad daylight. Moreover, David Hogg himself obligingly destroys this explanation by claiming on this Tweet that the time problem was the result of "manipulative editing".

    2:06 p.m. Uber picks up Cruz.

    2:19 p.m. Uber drops Cruz off at Stoneman Douglas High School, just before the school day ends, when gates are open and it’s easy to enter the campus.

    2:21 p.m. Cruz enters the east stairwell of Building 12 with an AR-15 rifle in a black case and begins shooting.

    2:28:35 p.m. Cruz exits Building 12 and runs west towards the tennis courts and then heads south.

    2:29:51 p.m. Cruz crosses field and runs west with others who are fleeing the area.

    2:50 p.m. Cruz arrives at Walmart, enters the store and buys a drink at the interior Subway, then leaves on foot.

    2:51 p.m. First notice of shootings to Broward Health North.

    2:52 p.m. David Hogg is the source of the 2:52 p.m. time on this video. EDITOR'S NOTE: This video was embedded here from a link to the LA Times. It appears the Times has taken steps to cripple that link since it was posted here. You may still be able to find it if you'll do a search on "David Hogg Parkland Closet Video". My apologies for the inconvenience. It was allegedly taped during the massacre as Hogg hid in a school closet with fellow students. On the tape, he even names Cruz (whom he did not know) as the probable gunman. The idea that a seventeen year old student would interview fellow students about gun control (or anything else for that matter) with shots ringing out and fellow students dying around him is just too absurd to merit comment.

    2:55 p.m. First victim arrives at ER at Broward Health North.

    3:01 p.m. Cruz goes to nearby McDonalds, sits down for a short time and then leaves on foot.

    3:33 p.m. First patient arrives at Broward Health Medical Center.

    3:41 p.m. Cruz is detained near 4700 Wyndham Lakes Drive., Coral Springs by Coconut Creek Officer Michael Leonard. After being identified by witnesses, Cruz is placed under arrest.

    That concludes the timeline for the day of the shooting. 

    Another problematic video was shot on February 17th 3 days after the massacre, following a Fort Lauderdale gun control rally. Here's the link. At about the 4:26 mark, Hogg begins speaking. Pay close attention to what he says:
    "On the day of the shooting, I got my camera and got on my bike and road as fast as I could three miles from my house to the school to get as much video and to get as many interviews as I could because I knew that this could not be another mass shooting."
    That is very odd phrasing to say the least. Why would Hogg say he knew "it could not be another mass shooting" if he was present during the slaughter, particularly if the video he allegedly took in a school closet during the massacre is authentic?

    Now consider the text of another Hogg interview excerpted from this video at
    Because of timing. At 6 pm after the shooting, I took my camera, got on my bike. I rode in basically twilight. And I ride my bike three miles down winding sidewalks and find my way to the school, as I’ve done in previous years. All the while, I was making sure my camera bag didn’t rip open, because if you zip it a certain way, the camera falls out, and it would be destroyed.
    I start shooting B-roll, and I see Fox News over there. I knew I wanted to talk on the news and make sure there was advocacy, especially with so many people from the [National Rifle Association] and different gun-toting Americans who watch Fox News. I went on the day of [the shooting], and said, “There cannot be another mass shooting,” and I think that’s partially why. But also other people started saying that at the same time.
    Which would be fine, except that is not what he said on camera. He did not say, “There cannot be another mass shooting,” which sounds like something a passionate activist might say. No, instead he said, "This could not be another mass shooting," which sounds like something someone who didn't know what was happening might say. Substituting "There cannot be" for "this could not be" conveys an entirely different meaning.

    The Left is now outraged over the public's lack of enthusiasm for this allegedly student-led and organized  "March for Our Lives" movement and its events, turnout for which has been significantly less than its fired-up advocates anticipated despite an unremitting 24/7 drum-beat of passionate media advocacy.

    I  have no ready explanation for the narrative's very real internal problems. However, real journalists, interested in fact rather than propaganda, could perform a public good by answering the questions raised in this post and by identifying the sources of money that paid for the shiny "March for Our Lives" buses, commercially-produced signs, media advertising, and logistical support.  I won't hold my breath waiting for that to happen.


    This site is not affiliated with any political party. Its goals are to advocate for individual liberty, traditional morality, and domestic peace and to resist all forms of tyranny and statism. It reflects the point of view of a life-long constitutionalist and recovering Republican. If you are among the millions trying to understand what has happened to the GOP, please visit "Who Killed the Republican Party?" If you agree with the content of this post, please feel free to print and distribute it or forward the link to your political representatives at the state and federal level Thank you for your interest. 

    Monday, March 26, 2018

    Washington Has Lost Its Mind!

    The President of the United States and his administration are deliberately lying to the American people and to the world to justify military action against Russia. Unfortunately, it appears that our nation's government is now the hands of absolutely evil forces intent on war.

    This is a very hard post for me to write. I supported President Trump's candidacy from the beginning. I voted for him in no small part because he promised to put an end to Washington's illegal wars of aggression. I've watched with dismay over the first full year of his presidency as Washington's actions toward Russia have taken on a completely unwarranted and aggressive hostility fueled by blizzard of deliberate and indisputable lies.

    Russia has been repeatedly and falsely accused of aggression when, in fact, it is Washington that is the aggressor. At the moment, the U.S. is engaged in two overt acts of criminal aggression, one against Syria and one against Yemen. Russia is also falsely accused by the Establishment's propaganda machine of "meddling" in the last U.S. presidential election. Exactly how Hillary Clinton's criminal mishandling of classified e-mails morphed into Russian "election meddling" is never explained. The accusation would be funny if it wasn't being used to drum up public support for yet another war. In fact, it is Washington that routinely "meddles" in the political affairs of other nations. Here is one undeniable example of U.S. meddling in the Ukraine. Watch and listen to Senator John McCain as he stands on the podium in Kiev with leaders of the Neo-Nazi Svobada party in December 2013, shortly before 70 people were killed by gunfire in the Ukrainian coup d'├ętat that Washington bought and paid for. 
    Although the effort to demonize Russia and President Putin has been going on for some time, even preceding President Trump's election, its velocity has increased alarmingly over just the last three weeks.  Consider this time line.
    • Sunday, March 4th: Sergei Skripal, a former Soviet and Russian spy, was found unconscious on a bench alongside his daughter Yulia. Skripal had been a double-agent for MI-6. 
    • Monday, March 12th: British Prime Minister Theresa May accused Russia of poisoning Skripal with a "nerve agent". Skripal was in Russian custody from 2006 until 2010 when he was exchanged in a spy-swap and could have easily been killed then. That and the fact that both Skripal and his daughter survived the attack suggests that May's accusation is probably false.
    • Tuesday, March 13th: President Trump appointed Gina Haspel as CIA Director. Her past is concerning
    • Tuesday, March 13th: President Trump appoints arch-neoconservative Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State.
    • Wednesday, March 14th: Theresa May, UK Prime Minister, expels 23 Russian diplomats.
    • Thursday, March 22nd: President Trump appoints John Bolton as National Security Adviser. Bolton never met a war he didn't like and his appointment to this position is the most alarming of them all.
    • Friday, March 23rd: President Trump signs the Omnibus Spending bill. Why would he do this, given its content and his previous opposition, unless he sees a need to rally the Establishment behind him?
    • Monday, March 26th: President Trump expels 60 Russian diplomats in retaliation for the alleged Russian poisoning of Srkipal. The Empire's vassal states expelled 40 more. This is a serious step down a very slippery slope.
    I don't pretend to understand what has happened to President Trump. His actions are the antithesis of those promised when he was running for office. He has surrounded himself with neoconservative ideologues who are expressing the same ideas that caused the U.S. to enmesh itself in Iraq and Afghanistan, conflicts which still rage 15 years later. The President's aggressive moves against Russia are especially troubling inasmuch as there is absolutely no evidence that Russia had anything to do with the Skripal matter and plenty of reasons to doubt it. 

    The sequence and pace of the above bullet-pointed events make it look very much like preparation for immediate action is underway. Russian media has been reporting for several days that a U.S. attack on Damascus is imminent, It is reporting that the attack will follow a false-flag chemical strike that will be blamed on the Assad government. Moscow has made it clear that it will not stand by if the U.S. attacks Syrian government or Russian forces. The next few days may tell the tale. I would keep my gas tank full and stock up on food and supplies if you've not already done so.


    This site is not affiliated with any political party. Its goals are to advocate for individual liberty, traditional morality, and domestic peace and to resist all forms of tyranny and statism. It reflects the point of view of a life-long constitutionalist and recovering Republican. If you are among the millions trying to understand what has happened to the GOP, please visit "Who Killed the Republican Party?" If you agree with the content of this post, please feel free to print and distribute it or forward the link to your political representatives at the state and federal level Thank you for your interest. 

    Monday, February 26, 2018

    Counter Strike!

    This is intended for NRA members and for all Americans who love their families and who value their constitutionally protected and natural law right to keep and bear arms to keep them safe. It is time for action. Please see the end of this article for something we all can do to make a real difference.

    It is important to understand that every aspect of the story being told by establishment news outlets about anti-NRA protests and firearms is a lie.

    Lies About the Anti-NRA Campaign
    • We must expose the single most important lie being spread by CNN and the rest of the establishment's propaganda organs. Contrary to what is being reported, the campaign against the NRA did not arise spontaneously and is not being led by anguished students. It was initiated and is directed by Barack Hussein Obama's private army of radical "community organizer" activists. Obama's "Organizing for Action" provides most of the current anti-NRA campaign's boots on the ground." Its role is being concealed because success requires the public to believe that a new and powerful "grass roots" anti-gun movement has emerged, led by natural student outrage. It hasn't and it won't.
    • The NRA is not Obama's real target. You are. He intends to disarm you and place your family's lives and safety at risk. Obama has assembled a coalition of corporate globalists, establishment politicians, renegade jurists, socialist and overtly Communist academics, misinformed and easily-led adolescents, and low-information street mobs to support his attack. 
    Lies About the Guns, Violence and Mass Murder
    • Lie Number One: "The U.S. leads the world in mass murder because of it allows its citizens to own "assault weapons" or "weapons of war".
    The Truth: The United States has fewer mass shootings per capita than many other developed countries, including Norway, France, Switzerland, Finland, Belgium & the Czech Republic. The AR-15 is neither an "assault weapon" or a "weapon of war". 
    • Lie Number Two: The United States is an embarrassment and the laughing stock of the world because its primitive gun culture makes it the world's murder capital.
    The Truth: The U.S. homicide rate (murders per 100,000 population) ranks 108th of the 207 countries for which data are reported according to the UN Office on Drugs and Crime. All countries reporting higher murder rates than the U.S. require firearm registration and have very restrictive (virtually prohibitive) licensing requirements.
    • Lie Number Three: We must stop the murderous carnage caused by privately owned "assault rifles".
    The Truth: According to the FBI Uniform Crime Report, in 2016, 1,604 people were brutally killed with knives while rifles of all kinds (including AR-15s) were only involved in 374 murders. In fact, more than twice as many people are beaten to death by fists and feet each year than are shot to death with rifles of every kind.
    The enemy relentlessly deploys its most powerful weapon, the Lie, around the clock through the its controlled news and entertainment propaganda machine (CNN, MSNBC, etc.). NRA members and other 2nd Amendment supporters are attempting to counter-boycott all corporations who are cooperating with the Left's campaign. Unfortunately the number of potential counter-boycott targets will dilute its effectiveness.

    Let us maximize our impact by focusing like a laser beam on a single target: CNN. It is the worst of the worst of the Left's vile propaganda weapons It routinely lies, consistently attacking truth, freedom, religion and traditional morality. As bonus reason for selection, many of CNN's advertisers are the same corporations that are cooperating with the attack on the NRA.

    If you support our counter strike, please provide everyone you know with a link to this page and, if you have a Twitter account, use the #CNN_Lies hashtag to help us make it happen.

    Thank you and stay safe!


    This site is not affiliated with any political party. Its goals are to advocate for individual liberty, traditional morality, and domestic peace and to resist all forms of tyranny and statism. It reflects the point of view of a life-long constitutionalist and recovering Republican. If you are among the millions trying to understand what has happened to the GOP, please visit "Who Killed the Republican Party?" If you agree with the content of this post, please feel free to print and distribute it or forward the link to your political representatives at the state and federal level Thank you for your interest.