Monday, March 26, 2018

Washington Has Lost Its Mind!

The President of the United States and his administration are deliberately lying to the American people and to the world to justify military action against Russia. Unfortunately, it appears that our nation's government is now the hands of absolutely evil forces intent on war.

This is a very hard post for me to write. I supported President Trump's candidacy from the beginning. I voted for him in no small part because he promised to put an end to Washington's illegal wars of aggression. I've watched with dismay over the first full year of his presidency as Washington's actions toward Russia have taken on a completely unwarranted and aggressive hostility fueled by blizzard of deliberate and indisputable lies.

Russia has been repeatedly and falsely accused of aggression when, in fact, it is Washington that is the aggressor. At the moment, the U.S. is engaged in two overt acts of criminal aggression, one against Syria and one against Yemen. Russia is also falsely accused by the Establishment's propaganda machine of "meddling" in the last U.S. presidential election. Exactly how Hillary Clinton's criminal mishandling of classified e-mails morphed into Russian "election meddling" is never explained. The accusation would be funny if it wasn't being used to drum up public support for yet another war. In fact, it is Washington that routinely "meddles" in the political affairs of other nations. Here is one undeniable example of U.S. meddling in the Ukraine. Watch and listen to Senator John McCain as he stands on the podium in Kiev with leaders of the Neo-Nazi Svobada party in December 2013, shortly before 70 people were killed by gunfire in the Ukrainian coup d'├ętat that Washington bought and paid for. 
Although the effort to demonize Russia and President Putin has been going on for some time, even preceding President Trump's election, its velocity has increased alarmingly over just the last three weeks.  Consider this time line.
  • Sunday, March 4th: Sergei Skripal, a former Soviet and Russian spy, was found unconscious on a bench alongside his daughter Yulia. Skripal had been a double-agent for MI-6. 
  • Monday, March 12th: British Prime Minister Theresa May accused Russia of poisoning Skripal with a "nerve agent". Skripal was in Russian custody from 2006 until 2010 when he was exchanged in a spy-swap and could have easily been killed then. That and the fact that both Skripal and his daughter survived the attack suggests that May's accusation is probably false.
  • Tuesday, March 13th: President Trump appointed Gina Haspel as CIA Director. Her past is concerning
  • Tuesday, March 13th: President Trump appoints arch-neoconservative Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State.
  • Wednesday, March 14th: Theresa May, UK Prime Minister, expels 23 Russian diplomats.
  • Thursday, March 22nd: President Trump appoints John Bolton as National Security Adviser. Bolton never met a war he didn't like and his appointment to this position is the most alarming of them all.
  • Friday, March 23rd: President Trump signs the Omnibus Spending bill. Why would he do this, given its content and his previous opposition, unless he sees a need to rally the Establishment behind him?
  • Monday, March 26th: President Trump expels 60 Russian diplomats in retaliation for the alleged Russian poisoning of Srkipal. The Empire's vassal states expelled 40 more. This is a serious step down a very slippery slope.
I don't pretend to understand what has happened to President Trump. His actions are the antithesis of those promised when he was running for office. He has surrounded himself with neoconservative ideologues who are expressing the same ideas that caused the U.S. to enmesh itself in Iraq and Afghanistan, conflicts which still rage 15 years later. The President's aggressive moves against Russia are especially troubling inasmuch as there is absolutely no evidence that Russia had anything to do with the Skripal matter and plenty of reasons to doubt it. 

The sequence and pace of the above bullet-pointed events make it look very much like preparation for immediate action is underway. Russian media has been reporting for several days that a U.S. attack on Damascus is imminent, It is reporting that the attack will follow a false-flag chemical strike that will be blamed on the Assad government. Moscow has made it clear that it will not stand by if the U.S. attacks Syrian government or Russian forces. The next few days may tell the tale. I would keep my gas tank full and stock up on food and supplies if you've not already done so.


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