Saturday, September 27, 2014

First We Must Call Things By Their Right Names!

The Masters of the Universe are mad with fear. Consider these three events, all of which have been manufactured and all of which are rapidly coalescing into a perfect storm, capable of unleashing devastating chaos on a world-wide scale.
  • The invasion by illegal aliens across the U.S./Mexican border. 
  • The Ukrainian/Russian crisis. 
  • The ISIS crisis.
Clearly these are contrived threats, designed to increase the public's clamor for protection. No one who is paying attention believes the official narratives about how they came into being.

What has made the Controllers so reckless? After all, they see themselves as the top echelon of human kind, the "top less than one percent". They operate all the levers of power including governments, mass information and entertainment media, educational institutions, central banks, and the monetary system. They are members of the Illuminati, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergers, and the Trilateral Commission. They are "citizens of the world", unbound by such outmoded concepts as patriotism, loyalty, and morality. For more than a century, they have relied upon the governments of nation states to control the people through their primary control device, the Big Lie. They spun additional layers of deception to create the illusion that opposition to their rule existed only among a tiny minority. In reality it is the Controllers and those who serve them that are few in number. Their apparent invincibility is a fa├žade, as false as the lies that serve as the foundation of their empire.

From the beginning of time, apex predators have reacted violently against perceived threats to their dominance. That is why the world is now in grave danger. The Controllers know that their power is slipping away and they are afraid. That fear is not baseless. According to a recent CNN poll, just 13 percent of Americans say the government can be trusted to do what is right always or most of the time. Congress has a 16% approval rating. A new Reuters poll reports that nearly one-in-four Americans "strongly supported or tend to support" the idea of their state seceding from the United States. Barely more than half of those polled "strongly oppose or tend to oppose" the idea. A June 2014 Gallup poll reports that American confidence in any and all national news media is no higher than 22%. When the Empire's controlled polling organizations openly share data such as these you can rest assured that the magnitude and intensity of public fury must be very great indeed.

Earlier this week both Dave Hodges and Judge Robert Napolitano wondered why, in the midst of all the angst and anger, doesn't someone do something about it? That is a very good question, one that every thinking person who values peace and freedom should be considering with care.
What Can be Done and Who Must Do It
According to current Census data, more than 321 million people live in the United States, a  number which supposedly includes officially counted illegal aliens. Adults (age 18 and older) number 247 million in round terms. The Pareto Principle (the so-called 80/20 rule) suggests that 197 million U.S. adults will sit things out no matter what happens. That leaves 49 million people over the age of 18 who could potentially be mobilized to "do something about it". The question is, what is that "something" and who will do it? There aren't a lot of choices to consider. Here, for what it's worth, is my short list.
The Dancing with the Stars/NFL Monday Night Football Option: The Pareto principle suggests that this "do nothing" approach, aka the "Ostrich Option," will be the popular choice of almost 200 million Americans. Unfortunately these people are likely to be very unhappy and die a lot when the power goes out and the cupboard is bare. It is definitely not my option of choice. 
The Shoot the Bastards and Head for the Hills Option:  As tempting as this may sound, this is a bad choice, at least for the moment. Of course, that will change quickly if and when people are being rounded up, "disappeared", and thrown into re-education camps. The problems with violent revolution are that (1) a whole lot of the wrong people are going to get killed, (2) most revolutions wind up swapping one set of control freaks for another set which, as often as not, is even worse than the set that was thrown out in the first place, and (3) history suggests the whole thing may be unnecessary. See the next option for details.
The Great Awakening Option: The most appealing thing about this option is that the most important first step can be done "off the grid" and in privacy. It is low risk, doesn't require a great deal of personal effort, and is very simple.  
Political history demonstrates that tyrannical regimes aren't often removed from power because their military forces have been defeated on the battle field by armed popular uprisings. It is a matter of fact, not opinion, that from the days of the Roman Empire to the collapse of the Soviet Union, authoritarian governments and empires have fallen because the people being ruled stopped believing in their legitimacy. After that occurs, it is only a matter of time before even the regime's most enthusiastic enforcers abandon it. That cardinal truth holds the key to freedom. The Masters of the Universe have only the power that we are content to grant them.  
We (that is, you, me, and the rest of the American People) are literally allowing ourselves to be enslaved by our own demonstrably false beliefs. We have been systematically conditioned to accept enslavement. From birth, we are taught to respect lawful authority as a matter of civil obligation, morality and personal responsibility. As human beings, we are naturally imbued with a love of family, friends, and country from which flows a sincere and heartfelt patriotism. Then, throughout our lives, we are immersed by our Controllers in a consistent narrative that conflates the nation and the government and depicts the American government as a powerful defender of freedom and all that is good in a hostile and dangerous world. We are told endlessly by all entertainment media, by all news and information media, and by our similarly immersed social connections that we are a free people and that our freedom exists because government authority is restricted by our Constitution and the Republic it created. Driven by our need for personal security and safety, we want desperately to believe that this comforting and familiar narrative from our childhood, woven throughout the fabric of our lives, remains true. Unfortunately that is not the case. The measures of dissatisfaction reflected in the poll results quoted in this article are the result of a very painful cognitive dissonance. Those polls measure the depth of the irresolvable conflict between what the American people have been taught by the Controllers and what they are experiencing in the real world.
Here are the steps I'm taking, starting today. I hope that you will join me and encourage others to do the same.
Stop thinking of and acting as though Washington establishment politicians represent the legitimate American government. Don't refer to these thugs, publically or privately, as "Senator", "Representative", "Member of Congress", or "President". The Constitutional government of the United States has been usurped by a corrupt gang of liars, thieves and killers that long ago forfeited any claim to constitutional legitimacy. That is how we all should think of them going forward.
Stop voting in national elections. By continuing to vote you are voluntarily perpetuating a fraud and telling the Controllers that they can still count on you. I know that not voting is almost impossible to imagine if you've been voting all of your life. However, it is time to wake up and smell the coffee. The country is dying and there are absolutely no differences worth talking about between the "Republican" and "Democrat" wings of the Washington Party and their politicians. If you feel you must vote because of local issues, write in "NOTA" (none of the above) on ballot spots reserved for "national" candidates.
Stop voluntarily communicating with any elected federal officials. No letters. No e-mails. No telephone calls.  No contact. Nothing.  Stop participating in your own enslavement by conferring upon them a legitimacy that they do not deserve.
A Special Note: If you agree with The Great Awakening Option's concepts and actions, please send copies of this page's link to everyone on your contact list whom you believe might be receptive. Time is short but if we can make this message go viral between now and November 4th, it could have a great impact during the 2014 national elections and the days that follow.


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