Friday, March 4, 2016


This is not an election. It is a revolution!

Donald Trump has become the focal point of the 2016 primary election campaign. Trump and the nonstop establishment attacks against him dominate the news cycle. However, the real story is that millions of self-identified Republicans have rejected establishment candidates to vote for Trump. Even more remarkable is the fact, virtually unreported by the Mainstream Press, that millions of blue collar voters who previously voted as Democrats or Independents have crossed party lines to do the same thing.

The numbers don't lie. In the first four contests of the 2016 election seasons (Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada), Republican participation grew by more than 28% while Democrat participation dropped by 20%. People who chose to vote Republican in those contests outnumbered those who chose to vote Democrat by 415,767. This has never happened before and portends a political earthquake of transforming proportions. To put it in perspective, Obama won the 2008 presidential election with a popular vote total of 69,498,516. Assume for a moment that Hillary Clinton becomes the Democrat candidate and somehow manages to match Obama's 2008 vote total (she won't). If the current trajectory continues Donald Trump's national popular vote total will crush her by more than 7,100,000 votes!

The GOP establishment persists in its doomed efforts to maintain its grip on power. "Donald Trump is not a conservative" the GOP establishment chants. Marco Rubio says so. Lindsay Graham says so. John McCain says so. Mitt Romney says so. So did Jeb Bush and his brother, George W. They are correct. Donald J. Trump is not a conservative...but neither are they

Real conservatives would have used the House of Representatives' power of the purse to stop Obamacare cold along with illegal immigration and every other unconstitutional scheme put forward by Obama during the years that the GOP has controlled the House. Congressional GOP leaders failed to do so because they wanted to keep the promises made to big insurance companies and large employers regarding profit protection and cheap labor (crony capitalism at work). Instead, believing the America people were too stupid to see what they were doing, they used "omnibus spending bills" to avoid "shutting down the government", a transparently obvious device that allowed them to escape the consequences of their actions.

Pat Buchanan may well be the last national politician standing who could honestly claim the conservative label. Real conservatives believe in traditional morality (including the sanctity of marriage), the constitution, the free market, the Bill of Rights, the right to life, genuine capitalism, national sovereignty (with America First) and a strong national defense. 

In contrast, the clique of so-called "neo-conservatives" who hijacked the conservative "brand" back in the Middle 1980s (and the Republican Party in the 30 years that followed) believe in international empire building, moral relativism, open borders (amnesty with "a path toward citizenship"), crony capitalism, big government involvement in everything from "health care" to education and "Israel First". I have no problem with Israel's need to defend herself but, when Marco Rubio trumpets his fealty to Israel, he sounds as though he is running for President of the Knesset, not President of the United States. 

So Donald J. Trump is not a "conservative" but he is an honest, business-savvy American Nationalist with traditionalist leanings who understands the need to preserve American culture and our civil institutions. Trump isn't perfect and can certainly be crude. However, he doesn't pretend to "know everything", and isn't afraid to admit it when he makes a mistake. As an executive, he is accustomed to surrounding himself with the right people when specialized knowledge is required.

The American people are sick of Washington's lies. They know that they've been conned. They have finally awakened to the realization that the bi-partisan Welfare/Warfare State is a criminal enterprise that has been robbing them blind and lying to them. It is time to clean out the barn.


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