Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Vortex: Imminent Revolution, War, and Mass Murder!

America is undergoing a coup attempt, a violent revolution against the people's expressed will under their Constitution. It is happening now.

The treasonous criminals behind this attack are desperate to prevent the peaceful transfer of power. They include George Soros and his string of subversive organizations; the remnants of Hillary Clinton's campaign cadre; outgoing President Barack Obama and his political retinue; rogue members of the administration-controlled "intelligence community"; the Democrat Socialists of America (including the 69 Democrat members of Congress comprising the Congressional Progressive Caucus); the leadership of many national Labor Unions; virtually the entire establishment "news" and entertainment establishment; Leftist university and college faculties across the United States; and, perhaps most dangerous of all, a subversive Fifth Column of treacherous neo-conservative war mongers who pretend to be "conservatives" but are not. These include Senators John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Marco Rubio and others who are working as hard as they can to instigate yet another war of aggression, this one with Iran and Russia. If you are a loyal Republican who objects to my description of neo-conservatives as a subversive Fifth Column you're most likely a good person who just hasn't been paying attention to their machinations for the last thirty years.

Coup leaders are coordinating lies, disinformation and false news disseminated through their controlled national news and media outlets to whip up support for its efforts.
  • Lie Number One: Donald Trump's election is invalid because Hillary Clinton won the popular vote nationally.
The fact of the matter is that millions of dead people and illegal immigrants were allowed to vote in the Presidential election of 2016. However, even if the official figures are accepted as valid, outside of California Hillary Clinton LOST the popular vote nationally.
Here are the official final popular vote totals for the nation in the U.S. Presidential Election of 2016:

Hillary ClintonDonald Trump
U.S. Popular Vote Totals   65,844,610  62,979,636

As it happens, last month, on the heels of Donald Trump's election, a group of disgruntled anti-Trump Californians launched a petition drive for the purpose of achieving California's secession from the United States. It is interesting to consider what the result of last November's popular vote would have been had that state already left the union.

Hillary ClintonDonald Trump
U.S. Popular Vote Totals (without California)   58,482,120  59,063,427

Without California, Donald Trump wins a national popular vote majority of 581,307 votes. In fact, except for the votes in just 12 of 58 California counties (Los Angeles, Alameda, Santa Clara, Contra Costa, San Mateo, Sacramento, Orange, Sonoma, Marin, Santa Cruz, Ventura, and Solano) Trump would have carried California as well.

It reduces to this. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote in and therefore deserves to be President of California. The rest of the country? Not so much.
  • Lie Number Two: Vladimir Putin is an aggressive dictator who invaded the Ukraine.
In fact, Putin is not a dictator (see this link) and Russia has not attacked any other nation since the collapse of the Soviet Union. The same cannot be said about the United States (see this link).

Putin was re-elected by a popular vote of the Russian people and enjoys tremendous popularity among the Russian people. Russia did NOT "invade the Ukraine". It was the United States, led by a bi-partisan clique of neocons (including John McCain and Hillary Clinton's deputy, Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland) who overthrew the democratically elected government of the Ukraine and installed a puppet regime with the assistance of neo-Nazis. If you are interested in more detail, go to this link about Russia and to this link.

This week contains the last few days before Trump's inauguration and is a period of maximum danger.  The US has rushed troops and ammunition in large quantities to  the Russian border. The U.S. and Israel last Friday conducted an air raid on a Syrian air base housing Russian troops in Damascus in a failed attempt to provoke a Russian response. And, in a chilling development, Obama just fired the Commanding General of the DC National Guard effective with Trump's inauguration.

With the pieces all in place, it is very likely the plotters will manufacture an incident with Iran in the Persian Gulf  as they did in the staged Gulf of Tonkin incident which was used to launch the Vietnam War. Washington's propaganda machine has been setting the stage for this option for the last several months. Alternatively, they may stage a mass casualty False Flag attack on the United States as it planned to do with Operations North Woods in the early 1960s to justify war with Cuba.

Nothing is beneath these criminals. Pray that they fail or nuclear war and the death of millions will be the result.


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