Friday, July 18, 2014

Prelude to War: The Flight 17 Shoot Down

President Obama described the shoot down of Malaysian Flight 17 as an "outrage of unspeakable proportion". The President's characterization is correct. The murder of 298 innocent people is a terrible crime and its perpetrators must be punished. The first question that should be explored by investigators is "Cui bono? (who benefits)? The answer to that question is: not Russia or the Ukrainian separatists.

This tragedy has all the earmarks of a False Flag operation. The Ukrainian regime owes its very existence to the U.S. instigated violent overthrow of the country's duly elected president. It stands to benefit if Russia and Vladimir Putin can be successfully blamed. However, there is no evidence that the Russian separatists have ever possessed weapons with the ability to reach Flight 17's altitude. Moreover, the Ukrainian military not only possesses missiles of the type used to shoot down Flight 17, it is trained in their use.

I don't pretend to know who launched the missile that shot down the Malaysian airliner. There is, however, absolutely no doubt as to who bears ultimate responsibility for initiating the civil war in the Ukraine without which this catastrophe would never have occurred. That responsibility lies squarely with the United States government because it planned, organized, equipped and advised the forces that violently overthrew the legitimate government of the Ukraine some five months ago.

Nor is the Ukrainian government the only beneficiary. The twin crises of the Flight 17 shoot down and the simultaneous Israeli invasion of the Gaza Strip have blown the ongoing invasion across our southern borders off the front page to the considerable relief of the President and the bi-partisan Congressional supporters of amnesty.

In addition to exploring the "who benefits" question, criminal investigators always take the history of possible suspects into account. When a bank robbery is committed, protestations of innocence by potential suspects with a history of robbing banks are apt to be met with suspicion. For more than 30 years, lies, aggression, and death have accompanied neoconservatives wherever they have gone. Their history as empire-building serial killers places them and their client, the Ukrainian government, near the very top of the likely suspects list.

Beginning in 1983, virtually unnoticed by the American people, the U.S. government established a number of quasi-private Foundations described as "Non-Governmental Organizations or NGOs. NGOs were then used to facilitate so-called "color revolutions" in targeted countries from Serbia to the Ukraine. Think of NGOs as "community organizers" on steroids. NGOs are used to organize, finance, and advise opposition political parties and other groups. When the time comes, they stand up, equip and coordinate training for armed opposition groups such as Maidan's violent anti-government opposition in the Ukraine and the so-called "Free Syrian Army" in Syria. NGOs are funded through the State Department and the largess of George Soros. 

Because of the near total blackout by cooperative U.S. "news" organizations, few Americans know that the U.S. orchestrated the violent overthrow of the Ukraine’s freely elected government in February of this year. The State Department employed the arrogant and foul-mouthed Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, National Endowment for Democracy (NED) employees, CIA Operatives, Black Ops specialists from Academi (formerly known as Blackwater), and about five billion dollars to achieve regime change in the Ukraine. Nuland's performance, by the way, proves that not all neoconservatives are Republicans.

It is also worth knowing that the National Endowment for Democracy has two "core grantees", the International Republican Institute (IRI) and the National Democratic Institute (NDI). The current chairman of the IRI is none other than the execrable Senator John McCain who had the gall to personally travel to Kiev on the eve of the government's overthrow to urge the Maidan protesters on. Seventy-six people were killed, mostly by sniper fire. Oddly enough, some of the people killed on both sides were shot with the same weapons. Go figure!

It was difficult to watch Samantha Power's performance at the United Nations and President Obama's televised remarks a few hours later. For these two to criticize any other government of interfering with another nation's sovereignty is to display a truly nauseating level of hypocrisy. The transparent falseness of the entire narrative regarding events in the Ukraine and the relentless unanimity with which it is repeated by all establishment media is unprecedented. 

The threat of World War has never been greater than it is at the moment. The only remaining obstacles to the neoconservative dream of a world-wide Washington-ruled Empire are Russia, China, and, to a far lesser extent, Iran. Public support for U.S. government institutions and policies is at record lows, a frightening situation for politicians of all stripes. Washington may underestimate Russian resolve and provoke hostilities in the belief (hope?) that a new war will rally public support for its policies. It is also possible that Moscow will interpret Washington's bellicose arrogance as an existential threat and decide to strike preemptively.

Right now might be a very good time to keep the gas tank full.


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