Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Pull the Linchpin!

How in the world did this happen?

How did homosexual perverts (two percent of the population at the most) gain legal sanction and the appearance of social acceptance for their vile behavior? How did a tiny socialist minority get away with destroying American health care and the private practice of medicine? How can it be that the religious beliefs and philosophical concepts that have served as the very foundation of society and the nation itself are being systematically destroyed before our eyes with virtually no opposition?

These are the questions that millions of outraged Americans are asking themselves and each other in the wake of the Supreme Court's decisions on "gay" marriage and Obamacare last week. Thanks to a relatively obscure National Geographic Network television show ("The Brain Game") and a powerful YouTube video, we now have an answer to these questions. I urge you to turn up the sound and watch the first six minutes of this video. The answer to these questions will become all too clear to you! However, the video provides only a partial explanation for the establishment's historic invincibility on the political battle field. Here's the rest of it.

A linchpin is something that holds the elements of a complicated structure together. In this case, the "complicated structure" is a control matrix comprised entirely of lies. However, the linchpin lie, is very different from the lies to which the public is routinely subjected on a daily basis. The linchpin lie is a lie of omission. Because establishment media outlets hide the existence and extent of opposition to establishment actions, opponents are made to feel isolated and defeated. The silently-conveyed message is this: "Everyone else approves of what we are doing. If you oppose us, your are alone."

For more than 20 years, my simple daily prayer has been: "Lord, grant me the wisdom, strength and courage to know and do your will." I don't believe this video came into our hands yesterday by accident. Knowledge really is power. What does this mean? It means that the American people haven't been losing the culture war because the other side has better arguments, better organization, or more money. It means that the establishment's apparent power is entirely an illusion that depends upon secrecy and lies. It means we have been defeating ourselves with our fear-driven silence and failure to trust our own consciences. It means that each and everyone of us must overcome our weaknesses, spread the word, and refuse to stand when the bell rings. Finally, it means that with God's help, good will ultimately prevail!

For the record (just in case the YouTube video should somehow disappear), the video is from "The Brain Game" Season 5, Episode 8 ("Peer Pressure").

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