Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Bowe Bergdahl, Lies, Betrayals, and American Justice

Its been a bad week all around for the Welfare/Warfare State's professional poverty pimps and war whores.

Today, barely eleven years after George W. Bush stood on the flight deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln to proudly announce "mission accomplished", Iraq is in flames. Fallujah, Mosul, and Tikrit (Saddam Hussein's home town) have fallen to a powerful Sunni irregular fighting force (ISIS) linked to al Qaeda, ISIS fighters are rapidly advancing on Baghdad as the Iraqi government's American-trained army abandons its weapons and heads for the tall grass. Roads are clogged with hundreds of thousands of fleeing Iraqis, desperately trying to escape the fighting. Turkey is calling for an emergency NATO meeting following the detention of eighty Turk citizens by the advancing militants.

Even as its failed Iraq project collapses, the neo-conservative wing of the Washington Party is attacking the Socialist wing of the Washington Party over the Obama administration's decision to trade five Taliban leaders for Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl who, depending upon which wing's propaganda arm you prefer to believe, is either a traitorous deserter or a long-imprisoned and tortured captive of the Taliban. In fact, none of us really know the truth about Bowe Bergdahl. There are, however, several things the American people should keep in mind as they demand that justice be served.
  • Neither Saddam Hussein nor the Taliban had anything whatsoever to do with the 9-11 attack.
  • Not one Iraqi or Afghanistani participated in those attacks which were planned in Germany, Spain, and the United States.
  • As a result of idiotic neo-conservative dreams of Empire, 3,528 American soldiers have died in combat in Iraq and 2,328 American soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan. Many more Americans have died fighting the useless and unwinnable "War on Terror" than were killed on 9-11.
  • Tens of thousands of Iraqi and Afghanistani civilian non-combatants, many of them children, have died as a direct result of these unnecessary U.S. wars of aggression.
  • The posturing condemnations of those politicians who profess to be infuriated by the administration's refusal to obey the law would be more compelling had those same politicians not conspired to violate the Constitution, eviscerate the Bill of Rights, and construct a police state on the ashes of the Republic. Neither the President, the Congress, nor all the Sitting Justices of the Supreme Court have the slightest legitimate authority, whether acting separately or in concert, to ignore Constitutional limitations that inconveniently limit their ability to act as tyrants. There is no "national emergency" escape clause in the Constitution, the unconstitutional behavior of previous administrations notwithstanding.
The blood of every young American soldier who died for nothing in Iraq and Afghanistan drips from the hands of the Washington criminals who launched wars of aggression against people and countries that did not attack us. So, as you contemplate Bowe Bergdahl's actions, consider who the real criminals are and ask yourself what their punishment should be.

The developing Middle East crisis is not the only problem on the Washington establishment's plate.  In past revolutionary transitions, the people overthrew the sitting government and installed a new one. In today's brave new world, things have been reversed. To effect revolutionary change, the government simply imports a new and hopefully more malleable and authority-friendly people. Before the current engineered "surge" of illegal immigration began, there were reliably estimated to be more than 25,000,000 illegal aliens in the U.S. (vastly more than the "official" number) with the overwhelming majority of them from Mexico. Now, without warning and little publicity, tens of thousands of illegals, including thousands of unaccompanied minor children, are pouring across the U.S. border from Mexico. They come motivated by Obama's refusal to enforce immigration laws and by the "promises" of Republican establishment politicians to work with the President to immediately enact amnesty legislation.

To create the right political climate, the Obama administration turned up the heat on immigration reform by surreptitiously ordering the transport of planeloads of illegals from Texas to Arizona and depositing them at Arizona bus stations. This blatant abuse of Federal power is intended to punish Arizona's governor for opposing Obama's immigration policies while simultaneously creating an artificial humanitarian crisis requiring immediate action! Obama's Justice Department has gone so far as to retain lawyers at tax payer expense to help illegals fight deportation procedures! This deliberate and completely bipartisan betrayal of the American people was going full speed ahead yesterday when the establishment plan to quickly transform the U.S. into a Third World country suddenly ran into a completely unexpected and potentially major obstacle. House Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor, an outspoken advocate of neo-conservative militarism and amnesty for illegals, lost his primary election in a landslide to Dave Brat, a libertarian economics professor and political novice. This development shocked the Washington establishment to its foundations and the chattering class is aghast, frantically trying to spin out the least damaging "explanation".

In light of these developments, it is probably good to remember that frightened tyrants are dangerous tyrants. Again the question arises: Who are the criminals here and what should be their punishment? 


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