Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Searching for Truth in the Empire of Lies

The American people are trapped in a real-world Matrix. Unlike the 1999 Keanu Reeves movie of that name, our Matrix is constructed of misinformation, disinformation, and outright lies. Virtually everything we think we know about our political system is false.

The United States does not have a "two party system". There is one party, the Washington Party, and it has two wings.
  • The Republican wing's job is to confuse those concerned about "national security".
  • The Democrat wing's job is to distract those focused on helping "the poor".
The political fights between "Republicans" and "Democrats" are as staged and phony as a World Wrestling Federation championship match but they do manage to keep us divided. The oligarchs who populate the Washington Party's wings live in the same neighborhoods, belong to the same clubs, go to the same parties, and share an intense contempt for the nation's culture and the intelligence of its people. Every night they go to their Georgetown homes to laugh over a glass of Chablis at the gullibility of the people out here in "flyover country".

The people who run the Matrix no longer seem to care if their increasingly obvious lies are believed or not. The primary objective seems to be to make the "news" so confusing that no one can decipher what is really happening. Or, alternatively, perhaps the establishment's "deciders" have finally gone completely mad. Take careful note of this pattern of related recent events and the scripted behavior of establishment politicians.

The Apparent Event

The Public Distraction

The Underlying Reality

Benghazi, Libya: The U.S. consulate is attacked by terrorists resulting in the deaths of four Americans, including the Ambassador.


A fight between Republicans and Democrats over the administration's initial claim that the attack was provoked by an anti-Moslem video, its failure to save the Americans and a subsequent "cover up", of facts related to the incident.


The American consulate in Benghazi appears to have been a CIA installation that served as a transfer point of heavy weapons to Syria in support of the Syrian insurrection against Assad. Prior to the Khaddafi's overthrow by NATO forces, there was no U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, without which the incident could never have happened.

Damascus, Syria: A violent civil war breaks out with Sunni Syrians rebelling against “the evil dictator”, Assad, an American-trained Opthalmologist whose supporters come from the minority Alawite sect of Islam. Assad, whose military forces protect Syria's minority Christians from Sunni fanatics, is supported by Shia Iran.

A fight between Republicans and Democrats over the administration’s failure to support the Syrian Sunni “Freedom Fighters”.

The Syrian Sunni “Freedom Fighters” were stood up, trained, equipped, and advised by NATO nations, including the U.S. They included so-called “moderates”, Sunni members of Al Qaeda, and Sunni members if ISIS. The latter group was so violent they were expelled from Al Qaeda membership.

Baghdad, Iraq: The ISIS “terror group” routes the U.S. trained and equipped Iraqi Army and seizes one-third of Iraq, including oil refineries in the north. The Kurds Peshmerga Army ejects the Iraqi Army from territory it controls. Iraq is effectively divided into three pieces with the section remaining under Baghdad’s control occupied primarily by Shia Moslems and supported by Iran.

A fight between Republicans and Democrats with the former accusing the Administration of losing the “gains” achieved by American forces following the invasion and occupation of Iraq by withdrawing to soon. The GOP’s neoconservatives are also furious that the administration has entered into discussions with Iran about potential military cooperation to stop ISIS from taking Baghdad. It is alleged that ISIS has obtained “STINGER” missiles.


It was the American attack on Iraq and subsequent removal from power and execution of Saddam Hussein that destabilized Iraq and the rest of the Middle East, an attack falsely justified by first claiming that he was involved in the 9-11 attacks and, later, that he possessed weapons of mass destruction and a growing nuclear capability. That attack was the precipitating event that led directly to today’s crisis. If ISIS has “STINGER” missiles, they were most likely obtained during NATO’s surreptitious arming of that group to fight Assad’s Air Force.
Incredible as it may sound, the United States and its NATO allies are actively supporting both the ISIS and Baghdad government sides in the new Iraq civil war with weapons and training. This is sheer madness!

The Matrix is using Washington's political infighting to divert attention from the violent systematic destruction of political order that now affects large populations stretching from Libya and Egypt across the Middle East and extending as far as the Ukraine. At the same time--and not coincidentally--the people of the United States and European Union have so little confidence in their respective political institutions and are so concerned with the real condition of their national economies as to place political stability in these regions at potential risk. The goal is to manufacture global political, military, and economic chaos to justify imposition of a New World Order upon a frightened and compliant population.
Around the world, large national military forces armed with nuclear weapons are circling each other, positioning themselves. The spark has been lit. We are one economic or military Black Swan event away from catastrophe.

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