Thursday, August 4, 2016

Doomsday: The Establishment's Samson Option

Establishment mavens are in full-blown panic, gibbering in fear like so many terror-stricken sheep. The rise of Donald Trump has driven them literally insane and their madness poses a threat to the lives of millions.

Please note that it is Trump's rise and what it presages that has pushed them over the edge, not his persona. His unexpected ascent signals that the people have, at long and bitter last, had enough of the Establishment's corruption, lies, theft, and murderous wars. The people are fed up and the Establishment is very afraid.

Hillary Clinton and her bi-partisan globalist posse have risen up in all their malignant ugliness to spew out a torrent of venomous lies through the Establishment's Lie Machine. For the last two weeks, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and Fox News have been battering American ears 24/7 with two completely manufactured and utterly false "news" stories claiming that:
  • Donald Trump invited the Russians to hack the Democratic Party's e-mail, and
  • Donald Trump attacked and insulted the Gold Star parents of a Muslim soldier who was killed in Iraq in 2004, going so far as attack the bereaved mother.
Both of these media-generated charges are absurdly false. I challenge anyone to post the original videos of Donald Trump doing these awful things. It cannot be done because both stories are concoctions, put forth by an evil clique of bi-partisan globalists in a coordinated last-ditch effort to stop Trump from reaching the White House. They appear to be real-time demonstrations of Karl Rove in action, busily creating his own reality.

The Establishment spin doctors are either completely stupid or they are every bit as sarcasm and humor-challenged as The Big Bang Theory's Sheldon Cooper. Trump had jokingly mocked the FBI's inability to find Hillary's 30,000+ "missing e-mails" and then went on to suggest that perhaps Russia would be able to retrieve them and turn them over. Trump concluded by sarcastically expressing certainty that "our media" would be grateful to the Russians if they succeeded. Hillary's media guardians immediately went into uncontrolled spasms of righteous indignation.

The Gold Star parent fable is even further removed from reality, Trump responded rather mildly to a vitriolic and completely unwarranted personal attack on him by the late Captain Khan's father. With respect to Mrs. Khan, the mother, Trump simply wondered aloud if she was silent because she wanted to be or because she had to be. No sane person would consider any of Trump's comments during that interview worthy of mention and they were certainly not "attacks". The father who initiated this incident on behalf of the Clinton campaign is Khizr Khan. Mr. Khan is, by the way, a lawyer with links to the Clinton Foundation whose business is to help Muslims immigrate to the United States.

These two manufactured "incidents" were closely followed by alleged leaks to Fox News reporters from unnamed sources "close to the Trump campaign" reporting dissension among Trump supporters and staff. At the same time, unnamed GOP officials were reported by Fox News to be meeting in secret to plot an "intervention" that would either "get Trump back on message" or replace him on the ticket.

A coordinated operation by the Republican Establishment and its media allies is underway to overturn the result of the nomination process and stop Donald Trump from reaching the White House. That effort is led by the same politicians and political hacks whose corruption, malfeasance and arrogance led to Trump's rise in the first place. Any politician who is willing to sacrifice the Second Amendment, the Supreme Court, the security or our national borders, and the social, political, and economic stability of the United States rather than cast a vote for Donald Trump poses an existential threat to the American people and should be dealt with accordingly.

As I write this, there are 96 days until the November 8th election. Given his opposition's ferociously demonstrated intent to retain power at all cost and its bloody history of murder, I believe Donald Trump to be at extreme risk of assassination, a possibility that carries with it the potential to ignite civil war.  This is not hyperbole. Hillary Clinton has demonstrated a willingness to commit murder and laugh about it afterward.

Unnoticed by virtually all Americans, Washington has been positioning its forces to initiate hostilities against Russia and China at a moment's notice. Russia and China have noticed of course and they are not amused. At the same time, the Globalists have been busy demonizing Russia and Putin, the bizarre attempt to blame Hillary's e-mail problems on an absurd Putin-Trump conspiracy being only the most recent example. The Samson Option included in this post's title  is a reference to the biblical Israelite judge Samson who pushed apart the pillars of a Philistine temple, bringing down the roof and killing himself and thousands of Philistines who had captured him, crying out "Let me die with the Philistines!" Should all else fail, the Globalists will start a nuclear war rather than lose power, preferring to bring down the roof on us all. As a consequence, we may only learn that the Globalists have concluded that Donald Trump's election cannot be forestalled when Washington DC is vaporized by a retaliatory Russian nuclear strike.


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