Monday, August 15, 2016

Something Wicked This Way Comes...

The madness enveloping the U.S. 2016 national election is deliberate, organized, and purposeful. The goal is to destroy Donald Trump's candidacy and the movement and the ideas that his candidacy represents.

CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, Fox News, The New York Times, The Washington Post,The Wall Street Journal, and virtually all other establishment "news" organizations now stand exposed as the propaganda apparatus of a criminal and increasingly vicious establishment oligarchy. Their rampant dishonesty and coordinated lies have destroyed what little remained of any right to claim journalistic integrity. The establishment upper crust is furious that anyone, especially the ordinary Americans  who comprise Trump's legions, would dare challenge their authority. They have resolved to teach us all, through Donald Trump's planned destruction, that the American people have nothing to say about the country's direction. Their smug arrogance is about to earn them a painful lesson.

Who are the public actors who are so offended by Donald Trump? They fall into three main categories with some cross-cutting memberships.

  • Doctrinaire Leftists: This is the "traditional" Democratic Left and includes people like Obama, Biden, Schumer, etc.
  • The Republican RINOs: These are the elite "old money" Republicans such as Romney, Jeb Bush, Kasich, Olympia Snow, Henry Paulson, etc,  They see themselves as defending turf that has always been and should still be theirs.
  • The Neo-Con Subversives: These are the vilest of the vile and by far the most dangerous to peace and freedom. These are the empire-building war criminals who lied us into the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, destabilized the entire Middle East, overthrew the democratically-elected government of the Ukraine, and are still practicing their toxic shenanigans in Syria, Yemen, and Libya as they work hard to start a war in Europe with Russia. They include the likes of Senators McCain and Lindsay Graham, William Kristol, Richard Armitage, Max Boot, Ben Howe, and Robert Kagan, husband and co-conspirator with his hideous wife, Victoria Nuland, It was Victoria Nuland who served as point person for Hillary Clinton in the Ukraine regime change operation at a cost of $5 billion and a civil war that may yet evolve into a global nuclear conflict. It is they who've gone public with their declarations of support for Hillary, essentially announcing that they prefer the abolition of the 2nd Amendment, the permanent surrender of the Supreme Court to socialism, the continuation of ObamaCare and almost certain war with Russia to losing control of the GOP. That tells you all you need know about them. Hillary Clinton, Nuland and Kagan prove that neo-conservatism is a bi-partisan disease.

The "neverTrump" meme of the day is that he is in the process of falling in the polls, that he is losing supporters, and that he has no chance of winning. I wouldn't bet on that. Despite the ardent hopes of Establishment dead-enders, Trump turns out huge crowds (Hillary does not). Trump beats Hillary by something like 10 to 1 in private polls and did much the same thing in a ABC-sponsored online poll just last week, Finally, in the social media world frequented by younger voters, Donald Trump has 10.9 million Twitter followers compared to Hillary's 8.33 million. What does it all mean? It means that even Empires cannot create their own reality, Karl Rove's beliefs to the contrary notwithstanding..


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