Sunday, October 9, 2016

Operation Destroy Trump: The Oligarchy's Last Stand!

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Donald Trump is not a perfect human being or an ideal candidate. There are aspects of his personality and his past that are repellent. He is, however, America's last best hope for peace and freedom at this critical moment in the nation's history.

A corrupt gang of Establishment thugs is engaged in a coordinated campaign to destroy Trump and maintain control of official Washington. All mass media outlets have been deployed in the effort. Only the bipartisan coordination of the effort remains hidden from public view.

Active participants include Hillary Clinton and her campaign apparatus; Barack Obama, every agency of his administration (including the Justice Department, the FBI, and the Defense and State Departments); the entire national leadership of the Democrat Party; Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, House Speaker Paul Ryan, the entire national leadership of the Republican Party; and all national media outlets including the broadcast networks, FOX News, CNN, The New York Times, the Washington Post, and the remaining print "newspapers" of the nation's largest urban centers.

The game plan is as simple as it is obvious. On the eve of a crtically important televised debate:
  1. Publicize Trump's unsavory (but private) decade-old comments about women in an orchestrated full spectrm 24/7 media campaign of manufactured outrage.
  2. Hypocritically ignore Hillary Clinton's support for her sexual predator husband's serial molestations and her vicious personal attacks on his victims' truthfulness and character.
  3. Divert public attention from Hillary's unethical and criminal conduct by having the Obama administration blame "the Russians" for the leaks information damaging to her.
  4. Systematically bring forward prominent national Republican Politicians (many of whom were part of the "Never Trump" movement from the beginning) to loudly announce their withdrawal of support for Trump and demand that he step down. 
How very desperate they must be! With the composition of the Supreme Court, the trajectory of the national economy, and the very survival of the nation at stake, any politician who believes that Trump's off-color comments made 11 years ago are important enough that Hillary Clinton should be awarded the Presidency is far too stupid to hold public office.

Nothing more need be said.


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