Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Just a Quick Note on the Eve of Destruction!

Well, are you properly discouraged yet?

Clinton's paid DNC trolls are out in force on every media outlet and virtually every politically-oriented web site still accepting comments. Their purpose (and indeed the purpose of ALL establishment media) is to create the APPEARANCE of such a large Clinton lead that no one will dare challenge "official" (and false) results when the Presidency is awarded to Hillary Rodham Clinton on November 8th. I say "awarded" advisedly because, in the real world, she cannot possibly win. Every word to come out of the establishment pushing Hillary Clinton's inevitable victory is a lie. 

The job of the establishment media in national elections is not to change opposing beliefs. It is rather to convince the opposition that anti-establishment beliefs are in the minority and therefore cannot “win”. Faced with a 24/7 media blizzard dedicated to the demonization of Donald Trump, many people are reluctant to publically share their "out of the mainstream" pro-Trump views with pollsters (or others). Historically, that public reticence goes away in the privacy of the voting booth. That is why, assuming votes are actually tallied honestly, the establishment is about to experience a rude surprise of its own making. It has fallen into the trap of believing its own propaganda. Add to that the probability that inflated pro-Hillary poll numbers will be a disincentive for her less motivated supporters to go to the polls. For more on this, you might want to consider the Abilene Paradox

All objective unmanipulable measures (primary turnout, physically-observed rally crowd sizes, social media follower counts, online poll votes by real people who care enough to participate, unbiased real polls NOT controlled by establishment tools (Rasmussen, etc.)) contradict the establishment's desperately premature claim of an impending and inevitable Clinton Landslide. It must also be understood that tonight's "fair and balanced" debate moderator, Chris Wallace, has been a registered Democrat for more than 30 years and will, in all probability, function as the establishment's designated assassin, charged with administering a very public coup de gras to Donald Trump.

The establishment is making a tragic miscalculation. The level of public discontent, fury and outright hatred that the public feels toward the political establishment and its controlled media is very real and ever-increasing . The establishment believes it will be able to maintain control through the too-clever-by-half corrupt antics of the type O'Keefe has been so brilliantly exposing, antics which only add fuel to the fire. The establishment will overplay its hand at its own peril. 

Revolution is in the offing, sooner rather than later.

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