Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Establishment's New Public Enemy Number One: Straight White Christian Men

If you are a white Christian male who believes in God, the importance of the nuclear family, the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman, traditional morality, national sovereignty, the Second Amendment, and limited government, you--and not Donald Trump--are the real target of the 24/7 hate campaign by Establishment media outlets to demonize the President and drive him from office.

The hysterical reaction to Trump's election was not driven by fear of him as a person. However, Trump's improbable victory, despite a never-ending blizzard of distortion, misinformation, half-truths and outright lies by Establishment media outlets, signaled a loss of control. That loss of control poses an existential threat to the Establishment's hold on power.

To understand the "why" behind what really happened in Charlottesville, it is first necessary to understand the difference between a state and a nation. Generations have been taught that state and nation mean the same thing. They do not.
  • A state is a self-governing political entity of man's creation.
  • A nation is a tightly-knit group of people that share a common history, ethnicity, geography, language, and culture.
Establishment efforts to destroy America's national culture have not been limited to the political and legal arenas. Media and educational establishments have engaged in decades-long propaganda and re-education campaigns extolling the virtues of "diversity" while demonizing positive references to the majority's national culture, including its Western European ethnic origins, as "racism". The current ahistoric propaganda campaign against the Confederate Flag is a case in point. The Establishment goal is to remove public display of this flag and all Confederate symbols, not because they are "symbols of hate" (which they are not not), but because they are symbols of resistance to unlawful Establishment power.

The Establishment has for decades deceived the American people into believing that their political state (the country of the United States) was under attack when, in fact, the Establishment has been using the political state to destroy the American nation. Trump's victory signals the awakening of an unexpectedly powerful remnant of the American nation, a result that threatens to thwart the Establishment's goal of total control. To attain the goal, that remnant must be destroyed or silenced and the Establishment has launched a desperate effort to do just that, putting you squarely in the crosshairs.

Judging from the ever-increasing absurdity of public statements issued by its personalities and the hyper-aggressive efforts to silence its opposition by overtly censoring content and public comments on FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, and popular alternative media Web Sites, the state of Establishment panic is rapidly approaching the point of no return.

The pace and trajectory of events suggest that something major (a political assassination, a mass casualty incident, the outbreak of large scale war, a coup d’├ętat, the imposition of martial law) lies just ahead.  The next few days and weeks may well be critical. I believe that one would be well advised to avoid large crowds and public gatherings.

Pray. Be alert. Stay safe.


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