Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Trump Morphs Into a Swamp Creature Before Our Eyes!

The President's speech last night committed the U.S. to continue its pointless and obviously unwinnable 18-year war of occupation in Afghanistan. That continued attempt at nation building is only the latest in what has become a serial abandonment of Trump campaign promises.

The President's new hostility toward Russia, his continued support of Washington's aggression in Syria and Yemen, his abject surrender on raising the national debt and his impending "compromise" on immigration are clear signals that we who supported him have been betrayed and that the White House is firmly in Establishment hands.

This is a tragedy of immense importance. Trump has thrust a dagger into the hearts of loyal supporters who've hung with him despite frequent and bewildering changes in positions he articulated so passionately and convincingly during the campaign. The immigration "compromise" to be announced within the next few days should finally do it for even his most devoted remaining supporters. Their spurned fury will stun the GOP and shake the Establishment to its foundations.

Only a few "explanations" of Trump's behavior are possible:
  1. The President has grown in office and learned that his campaign promises were wrong.
  2. The President is being blackmailed.
  3. The President and/or his family are being threatened with physical harm.
  4. The entire Trump drama was fraudulent from the beginning, a fiendishly clever Deep State "black op" intended to demoralize public opposition to Globalism.
I'm going with number 4 because of Occam's razor. The simplest explanation is usually correct.

It's almost as though someone sat down and designed a Candidate Trump from scratch, building the candidate's image to appeal to Americans with traditional values. That's not as preposterous as it might sound at first blush. Consider the President's "evolving positions" on just a few hot-button issues.
Abortion: For most of his public life, Trump proclaimed he was “very pro-choice”, once telling NBC’s Tim Russert that he would even uphold "partial birth abortions." Candidate Trump became pro-Life.

Gun Control: Before he began campaigning for president, Donald Trump said he supported assault weapons bans and a waiting period for gun purchases. In his 2000 book, The America We Deserve, he criticized National Rifle Association members who “walk the line” and “don’t look into firearms restrictions.” Candidate Trump became an ardent defender of the Second Amendment.

"Gay" Rights: In 1999, Trump sat down with Tim Russert for an interview on "Meet the Press" in which he said that allowing gay people to serve in the military "would not disturb me." As President, he banned so-called "transgender people" from serving in the military in any capacity.
The Establishment has either badly underestimated the public's reaction to its betrayal or it is hoping for a reaction sufficiently violent to justify the imposition of martial law.  Make no mistake; the Deep State is driving this train. Watch Phoenix tonight but, whatever happens, do not despair. The American people are resilient, there's more than one way to skin a cat and the Establishment's operators aren't nearly as smart as they imagine themselves to be.

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