Saturday, August 12, 2017

We are one miscalculation away from a war of unimaginable proportions.

The Cost of Empire
We are standing at the doorway of a very dark place. 

North Korea's Kim is a dictator—but he’s not crazy. After witnessing the systematic destruction of the governments of Libya, Iraq, the Ukraine, etc., he has probably figured out that the only way he’s going to avoid the fatal experience of a U.S.-engineered “regime change” is to own a credible nuclear deterrent and demonstrate that he’s not afraid to use it if necessary. The Iranian Mullahs, by the way, appear to have arrived at the same entirely rational conclusion.

North Korea is NOT the “real problem”. The real problem is the Washington War Party, an alliance of Empire-building neo-conservative “Republicans” and “indispensible nation” “Democrats”, who are now operating openly under the just-announced “Alliance for Securing Democracy” label. See this Washington Post article for detail. The “Alliance” is actually a reincarnation of the Bush-era “Project for a New American Century”. You may have seen a link to this foundational PNAC piece that was published here some time ago. If you didn't and would like to see it, you can still download a copy from here. You might want to do so quickly because the links seem to be disappearing. Be advised that this is a 90-page long PDF file.

These people are insanely evil war criminals. They are responsible for instigating the violence that has killed more than a million non-combatants (many of them women and children) in the pursuit of global Empire, a pursuit that now threatens to ignite nuclear war. The drive for Empire started earlier, but let’s begin with Bill Clinton’s attack on Serbia in March 1999. Good Democrats are always shocked to learn that both Clintons have always been joined at the hip with the Republican “neo-cons” in the Empire-building enterprise but that is demonstrably the case.

The push to expand the Empire then spread across the Middle East (Iraq, Syria, Yemen) into North Africa (Somalia, Egypt, the Sudan, Libya) and up to the Ukraine, the democratically-elected government of which was overthrown in February 2014 in an operation jointly spearheaded by Senator John McCain, Hillary Clinton and Hillary’s Assistant Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland. These people are so arrogant and contemptuous of the American people’s ignorance and naiveté that they seem not to care that there is a recorded Nuland telephone conversation (caution: crude language) plotting the make-up of the “new” Ukrainian government. Democrat operative Nuland happens to be married to Republican Robert Kagan, a prominent neo-conservative war monger. How very bi-partisan of them!

For more than a hundred years, the American people have been conditioned to believe that “American Exceptionalism” requires the U.S. to impose its views on other nations, always in the defense of “democracy”, “freedom”, or “our way of life”. Whenever a Republican neo-conservative utters the words, “American Exceptionalism” it is time to look for the exits because trouble is in the offing. To oppose this hubristic notion is to invite accusations of “isolationism”, the most deadly sin in the War Party’s taxonomy. If we minded our own business and allowed people to govern themselves, there would no doubt still be violence but it would not be violence of our making. As you know, I’m no pacifist. I certainly favor maintaining a military strong enough to defend the population and national territory of the U.S., but that does NOT extend to imposing the Empire’s authority on others by force of arms. It has been my observation that when one nation attacks another, bombs its cities, kills its residents, and overthrows its government, the survivors tend to look for revenge. It seems simple enough.

Washington should exercise extreme caution. I remember August 4, 1964 as though it was yesterday. I was driving into Fort Bragg when a morning radio newscaster breathlessly announced that North Vietnamese torpedo boats had fired on the U.S destroyers, Tuner Joy and Maddox. The Vietnam War was on. Now, 53 years, 50,000 Americans, and millions of Vietnamese dead later, we know that the Gulf of Tonkin "incident" was a complete lie. This matters because the U.S. government has a well-documented history of using False Flag incidents as a pretext for war (the Tonkin Gulf incident, Iraq’s non-existent WMD threat, “Operation Northwoods”, etc.).

Yesterday China announced that it would remain neutral in a new Korean war—but only if the U.S. does not strike first. The Korean confrontation takes place as the Washington Establishment's demonization campaign against Russia reaches fever pitch, with the U.S. moving troops, equipment, and supplies to the Russian boarder. Putin is not Saddam Hussein and Russia is not Iraq. Putin is likely to act preemptively if he feels an attack on Russia is imminent and a False Flag attack would almost certainly trip that trigger.


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